What You’ll Find There: 

Ways to Connect: 

CONG Employment Assistance 

Connect with this local office to do an employment assessment over the phone or in-person. We will identify your employment needs, make specific recommendations, and connect you with the right resources in Colorado. 

Services we offer… 

  • Translate your MOS duties to civilian jobs skills 
  • Resume reviews 
  • Employment workshops 
  • Temporary employment  
  • Local job listings 
  • Hiring events 
  • Resource referrals 

Don’t see what you’re looking for?  

Contact us and we’ll refer you to someone who can help.  


Laura Farlett 
Employment Specialist 
Office: 720-250-2185 
Cell: 720-288-2344 

Local Jobs Openings 
Immediate Employment opportunities 
MOS/ Civilian duties 
Temporary Jobs 
Resume Help 

No cost 

Army/ Air/ Veterans/ Dependents  

Employment Support Guard and Reserve (ESGR) 

Information and services for Guard and Reserve members pertaining to employer rights and responsibilities governed by Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Act (USERRA) 

Services we offer… 

  • conflict resolution between service           members and employers 
  • recognition/ awards for employers 
  • educational awareness on applicable laws 





Employer Rights 
Service Member Obligations 
Military Orders  
Civilian Job while on Military Duty 

Army/Air Guard or Reserve Members 

No cost 

USO Pathfinder 

Connect with this national office to create an individualized transition plan for life after the military. Find a USO Transition Specialist to identify your personal and professional goals and build a roadmap to achieving them. This is a holistic approach focusing on employment, education, financial readiness, mentorship, and increased access to veterans’ relevant benefits. 

Services we offer… 

  • Transition help for life after military service 
  • Spouse employment opportunities 
  • Education (online learning platforms i.e. Skillsoft, Coursera, IBM Skillsbuild) 
  • Financial Readiness 
  • Mentorship 


Transition out of the military, professional development, veterans’ resources, workshops, life after the military 

Active Duty, military spouses, National Guard, Reservists, and recently separated veterans/retiree 

No Cost/ Low Cost 


Self Help Resource Links 

  Resume Writing and Review Services 

MOS to Civilian Job Skills Translation 


Not sure where to start? 

Contact our Employment Specialist:   

Laura Farlett   |  Phone: 720-250-2185  |  Email: laura.d.farlett.civ@army.mil 


Mental Health 

24hr Hotline:     Colorado Crisis Center     1 (844) 493-8255 or text TALK to 38255 


What You’ll Find There: 

Ways to Connect: 

COARNG Mental / Behavioral Health 

Connect with this office if you or someone you know is experiencing any mental health issue such as: depression, stress management, anxiety, PTSD, panic attacks, mood disorders, suicidal thoughts, mental health profiles, mentally struggling with a divorce or financial issues. Mental health is our priority, let us help.  

We are here for you!  

Don’t hesitate to reach out for yourself or someone else.  

Services we offer… 

  • Help with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, PTSD 
  • Crisis response 
  • Case management 
  • Self-Referrals 
  • Battle Buddy Referrals 
  • Dependent mental health resources 
  • Answer questions on how mental health impacts your Army career 
  • Counseling referrals 

COARNG Behavior Health team 
Shannon Bennett-Tuke, LCSW 
720-219-0749 (call/ text) 

Mental health profiles, counseling, PTSD, stress, suicidal ideations, mental resilience, mental health referrals 

Army National Guard, Dependents 

No Cost 

CONG Chaplains Office 




Connect confidentially with the State’s chaplain’s office for support on religious and non-religious topics i.e. suicidal ideations, grief & loss counseling, stress, anger management, career guidance, religious accommodations, and many more 

Services we offer… 

  • Crisis Response and CCIR Follow Up 
  • Ceremony Support 
  • Pastoral Visitation (unit/ hospital) 
  • Perform/ Provide Religious Support 
  • Personnel Management 
  • Prayer Requests 
  • Resource Referrals  

Don’t see what you’re looking for?  

Go to our website to learn more and submit requests. 


Army 720-250-1074  or 303-913-1749 

BAFB 720-847-4600 

Death/ Casualty Notifications 
Special Events 
Spiritual wellness 
Prayer Support 
Religious Services 
Strong bonds

No cost 

Army/ Air/ Veterans/ Dependents  

Military and Family Life Counseling (MFLC) 

Connect with MFLC to receive confidential non-medical counseling for free. National Guard members and their families may receive up to 12 sessions per issue via face-to-face, secure online chat, video or telephonically at no cost. 

Issues we address: 

  • Improving relationships at home and work 
  • stress management 
  • adjustment difficulties 
  • parenting 
  • grief or loss 

Youth and family services… 

  • self-esteem issues 
  • relationships at home and school 
  • behavioral issues 
  • changes at home such as deployment, reunion, divorce, and grief                                   

Call – 800-342-9647 

Learn more about MFLC 


Free counseling 
Family counseling 
Marriage counseling 
Relationship counseling 
Grief and Loss 
Adjusting to military or civilian life 

No cost 

Army/ Air/ Dependents 

Give an Hour.org 
(1 free hour of counseling per week) 

Connect with this organization to receive confidential, no-cost mental health services from licensed providers.  

Follow the instructions online to find a local provider that will meet your individual needs. 

Use our website to locate a provider based on your location and criteria. Submit basic information to the provider you choose, and the provider will respond to you within 5 days.  


Free Counseling 
Local Counseling 
In-Person therapy session  
Virtual therapy 

Army/ Air/ Veterans/ Dependents 


24hr Crisis Resources - Free and Confidential 

Colorado Crisis Services 

“Whatever you’re going through, we’ll help you through it” 


Call 1 (844) 493-8255
Text TALK to “38255” 


Veterans Crisis Line 

Are you a service member in crisis? Or concerned about one?
It’s free, confidential, and YOU decide how much information to share. 

Call 1-800-273-8255 (Press 1) 

Chat Online – Click Here 

Text 838255 


Not sure where to start?        

Contact our Behavior Health Specialist   

Name: Shannon Bennett-Tuke   Email: shannon.m.bennett-tuke.civ@army.mil   Call/ Text: 720-219-0749 

SAPR/SHARP Contacts:

Sexual Assault Response Coordinator:

Ian Connor

Phone: 720-250-1561/ Cell 720-315-9119

Email ian.m.connor.mil@army.mil


Victim Advocate Coordinator:

Shannon Whitney

Phone: 720-250-1194

Email shannon.n.whitney.mil@army.mil


State Victim Advocate:

Stephen “Lock” Davis

Phone: 720-785-3860

Email stephen.l.davis96.mil@army.mil