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There are several ways to join the Colorado National Guard and serve your community, state and nation at the same time. To become a member of our CONG team, there are several opportunities and approaches:

Traditional National Guard Positions
Army or Air Guard - Both the Army and the Air National Guard are made up of hundreds of Soldiers and Airmen who "drill" one weekend per month and two weeks per year (Annual Training). These positions are in the individual units across the state (or on AF bases). See a recruiter for available slots.
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Civilian Job Opportunities
The Colorado National Guard also relies on civilians for support. These positions do not require membership in the military and may fall under the State of Colorado (as a DMVA State Employee) or as a Title 5 Federal (GS/WG) Technician. There are also several employers that share open positions with the military since they are seeking to hire veterans and/or their spouses.

Federal Full-time Positions
 - Active Guard & Reserves: Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Soldiers serve full-time in Title 32 status and enjoy the same benefits as Active Duty Soldiers. With an Active Guard Reserve job, you receive full pay, medical care for you and your family, and the opportunity for retirement after 20 years of active service. 

Technician -  National Guard dual-status (must be a member of the CONG) and Title 5 technicians are a unique type of federal employee. They are civilians who work for the National Guard. Their jobs range from helicopter, airplane, and tank mechanics to clerical and support workers, IT staff and HRO employees paid under the same GS/WG system as most government employees.

 DMVA logo The Colorado Department of Military and Veterans Affairs (DMVA) goal is to provide day-to-day command and control, guidance, policies and administrative and logistics support to the division of the National Guard, Civil Air Patrol and Divisions of Veterans Affairs. By statute, that support includes safekeeping, repair and disposition of National Guard real estate, equipment, facilities and buildings; publishing necessary regulations, orders and reports; maintaining records; and hiring personnel to carry out those missions.

Mission Statement:To enhance DMVA's capabilities and efficiency providing Colorado a high value organization, fully engaged with our communities, staged for the growing needs of our divisions and State through 2030 and beyond.  Values: Trust, Teamwork, and Cooperation.

Our values foster a work environment that attracts individuals with personal courage and retains the highest quality people possible.  Our values are accomplished by:

An open set of systems that promote trust, performance, promotion, and retention of the highest quality employees.
An operating style that promotes teamwork: Everyone works together to accomplish the mission.
Teams cooperating to satisfy our customers: Metrics driven improvements and results.

The Adjutant General’s priorities for the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs are the safety and health of our people, strength, readiness, customer focus and environmental stewardship of our Colorado cultural and natural resources.

View State of Colorado DMVA Job Announcements
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Our Vision:  The premier Citizen-Soldier force for Colorado and the Nation...Rocky Mountain professionals adaptive and ready to win in a multi-domain battle environment.

Our Mission:  The COARNG deploys ready units in defense of our nation and to protect and support the citizens of Colorado. 

The Colorado Army National Guard is nearly 4000 Soldiers-strong and growing all the time. The units in the state vary from the most modern, cutting-edge, high-tech units such as Space and Cyber units to classic, hardcore, hard-charging Infantry and Special Forces units that harken to our origins in 1860. 

To speak with an Army National Guard Recruiter, call 720-250-1359.The Colorado Army National Guard has Citizen-Soldiers serving in every major city in Colorado with units along the Front Range and Western Slope. The diversity of our units and their  locations and missions allows us to deliver on our commitment to the community, state and nation. 

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The 140th Wing is comprised of over 1400 personnel that support F-16C+ (Air Combat Command) fighter and C-21 (Air Mobility Command) airlift aircraft missions, as well as Space Warning Squadron (Air Force Space Command) and Civil Engineering (Pacific Air Forces) missions.

In addition, COANG Airmen deploy in support of combatant commanders in various locations around the world, as well as respond in a state capacity to significant unexpected contingencies throughout the United States to protect life, property and preserve peace, order and public safety. 

Throughout its history, the 140th Wing has been involved in all major conflicts and contingency operations. Personnel are permanently assigned to Buckley AFB, Greeley ANGS, Peterson AFB, and Airburst Range near Ft. Carson. As such, this proud wing maintains both a Federal and State militia heritage and capability, and is prepared to support our Nation, State and local Community in times of need. 
To contact a Recruiter with the Colorado Air National Guard, call 720-847-9423 / 9345 / 9449.