STEP 1:  Visit
  1.  Login with your CAC
  2.  Once in the site click on "Update Personal Information". Click on the "MIL" tab.
  3.  In the following fields, be sure this info is in place:
      "Duty Organization" :  National Guard
      "Duty Sub Organization" :
          -- NG - Army National Guard - Colorado (Army Personnel)
          -- NG - Air National Guard - Colorado (Air Personnel)
      "Duty Installation/Location" :
          -- National Guard Facilities (Army and Air Personnel)
          -- State of Colorado (Army and Air Personnel)
  4.  Click "Submit".  Allow 24 - 48 hours for changes to take effect.

STEP 2:  Visit 
  1.  Login with your CAC
  2.  Update your profile with information of your current unit
  3.  Your DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge certificate will automatically appear within 24 hours

STEP 3:  Visit
  1.  Login with your CAC
  2.  Click on "DoD Cyber Awareness Challenge" to complete the annual training requirement.
       **Air Force personnel will complete training here.
  3.  Click on "View and Sign AUP" to agree to the latest policies (this must be done digitally) 

STEP 4:  Send an email to
       **Air Force personnel must attach a current Cyber Awareness Challenge Certificate to the email.
  Please provide the following information in the email:
  1.  Full Name and Rank (if applicable)
  2.  DOD Enterprise Email Address (i.e.,,,
  3.  DOD ID Number (back of ID card)
  4.  Unit of assignment
  5.  Unit Address
  6.  City of Unit
  7.  Zip Code
  8.  Phone Number (extension if full time support staff, mobile or alternate phone number if M-Day Soldier)
  9.  Job Title