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Confiscated marijuana plants on Chinook helicopterMISSION

The Colorado Joint Counterdrug Task Force (CO-JCDTF) leverages military skills and resources to limit the effects of illicit drugs on Colorado communities. We work to disrupt illicit drug supply by providing support to local, state, federal and tribal law enforcement agencies as well as limit demand for drugs through coalition development and community engagement.


We are a professional, trustworthy, and agile organization.  All service members enjoy their profession and are adept at supporting local and state organizations and working in conjunction with federal agencies to reduce illicit drug supply and demand across Colorado. CO-JCDTF is recognized for precision application of military skills and the premier partnership in local communities to holistically reduce the negative impacts of illicit drugs in Colorado.


Under 32 U.S.C § 112, a State drug interdiction and Counterdrug activites plan shall certify that the Governor of the State, or designee, has determined that any activities included in the state plan that are carried out with Federal law enforcement agencies (LEAs) serve a State law enforcement purpose.  These activities must:

-  Have a valid CD nexus;

-  Support only those activities that are militarily unique (defined as “unique skills or core capabilities possessed by DoD personnel that domestic law enforcement lacks or cannot practically replicate with a similar level of expertise”);

-  Execute only those missions that have been approved by the Secretary of Defense, or designee, within the Governor’s State Drug Interdiction and CD Activities Plans


Colorado Army and Air Force National Guard Soldiers and Airmen work side by side with LEAs and Community Based Organizations (CBO) to promote a safer environment for all Coloradoans.  Some of the services we provide include:

Linguist/Transcription Services: Near-rea-time transcription and translation support for CD related missions. Post-collection transcription or translation of analog or digital media.

Analysis SupportProcessing, categorizing, and evaluating criminal information, documents, and imagery within the immediate scope of the supported law enforcement investigation, in support of law enforcement CD activities.  Note:  National Guard Service members will not participate in real-time intercepts or interviews.

  • Communications SupportAbility to establish, operate, and maintain communication stations, bases and communication equipment, along with computer networks, hardware, and software in support of law enforcement CD operations.
  • Transportation Support:  National Guard ground and aviation assets are available to support controlled deliveries and tactical logistics.
  • TrainingProvide training in militarily unique capabilities and skills not readily available outside of DoD to improve drug interdiction and drug demand reduction activities.
  • Drug Demand Reduction OutreachSupport community-led efforts to develop and execute Counterdrug supply and demand reduction strategies for community based organizations with a substance abuse prevention nexus by providing leadership, mission analysis, planning, decision making strategies, and cross-organization coordination.
  • Reconnaissance and ObservationProvide route, zone and area reconnaissance to obtain information about the activities and resources of an LEA-developed target.  Provide aerial and ground observation of LEA-developed targets that may include suspicious buildings, vehicles, vessels, or persons.