3650th Maintenance Co

Image of 3650th Maintenance Co soldier

Image of 3650th Maintenance Co logoColorado Army National Guard mechanics can fix anything that needs maintenance or repair. And they work on equipment that other mechanics can only dream about: world-class tanks, giant cargo trucks, ultra-sensitive targeting radars and advanced helicopter avionics. 


Like Guard Soldiers themselves, every piece of mechanized equipment must be ready to answer the call—for any mission, at any time. Mechanic and maintenance specialists fulfill that promise. Whether that’s performing maintenance on a suspension system or performing electronic diagnostics, the Guard trains trusted professionals.Contact Us logo

The 3650th may be employed at echelons above division (EAD), within a corps area of operations (COA) and/or in the division support area (DSA) to support corps units operating in the DSA and also provide support to divisional units in automotive/ armament, ground support, and electronic equipment maintenance as well as track vehicle recovery when required.

This unit is located at the Longmont facility. They can be reached at 720-250-3171.

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