Five Reasons to Hold Your Event at the 168th RTI

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Centrally located at Fort Carson, Colorado, the second largest training facility in the Army. Four other major military installations within a 70-mile radius.
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The Regional Training Institute & Centennial Training Site facilities are 300,000 square feet, with access to 56 training areas and 84 ranges across more than 372,000 acres. Can accommodate training from small elements or up to a 500 personnel battalion.
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Vehicle Maintenance Facilities, On-base Transportation, Ammunition & HAZMAT Storage, Supply Areas & Vaults. Billeting for up to 706 personnel located on site. Food Service, Large Military Hospital, & MWR available.
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90 minutes from Denver International Airport, the major air hub in the western region and 20 minutes from Colorado Springs Airport. Military Air via Peterson AFB & Fort Carson. Support for C-5 to C-130 and 160-Car Railhead also available.
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From classroom and simulator training to small arms and heavy ordnance impact areas, open prairies, forested, wetlands & mountainous maneuver areas, Fort Carson has it all. We can support your maneuver or weapons training for everything from small arms qualification to tank artillery and helicopter gunnery. 

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 Your One Stop Destination for:
  • Conferences
  • Annual Training
  • Drill
  • Hosting Competitions
  • Small Arms Training
  • Convoy & Maneuver
  • Simulations
  • Aerial Gunnery
  • Live Artillery Training
  • Military Operations in Urban Terrain Training
  • Ceremonies
  • Media Events
  • Temporary Working Areas
  • Exercises

For billeting, call 720-250-4309
Office Hours: 8:00am - 6:00pm

The 168th RTI is able to meet the needs of your organization; no matter how large or small. More than 70,000 personnel have stayed & trained with us since we opened in March of 2015. We have accommodated everything from a platoon of 40 Soldiers to a 500-Soldier Battalion-sized element.

Fort Carson is the SECOND LARGEST training site in the nation and the FIRST choice to meet your training goals!

State-of-the-art new facility with all of the accommodations and conveniences to make your training event a success!

Available for use by Department of Defense entities as well as Local, County, State, Tribal or Federal organizations.