Chaplain branch insignia

"Nurture the Living, Care for the Wounded, Honor the Fallen."

The mission of the Colorado National Guard Chaplain Corps is to provide religious support to Soldiers & Airmen, Family & contractors across the full spectrum of domestic and contingency operations by assisting the commander in providing for the free exercise of religion and providing spiritual, moral and ethical leadership.


What Can We Do For You?

  • Counseling (pastoral counseling and referral, grief & loss, spiritual formation, conflict resolution, life skills, career guidance, youth and family, deployment stress, career transitions, command climate, stress, anger management, marriage, and more)

  • Perform or Provide Religious Support (worship, special events, prayer breakfasts, weddings, funerals, spiritual fitness events, memorial services, etc.)

  • Crises Response and CCIR Follow-Up (death/casualty notification, casualty affairs officer assistance, mass casualty events, suicide response, etc.)

  • Ceremony Support (change of command, change of responsibility, retirement...make your special event special with compassionate and personalized prayer support.)

  • Pastoral Visitation (unit, hospital, etc.)

  • Personnel Management (conscientious objector, religious accommodation requests, hardship discharge interviews, workplace violence, etc.)

To contact a chaplain, call 720-250-1074.

Photo of chaplain praying
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