Basic Leader Course (BLC)

Image of Basic Leader Course logoThe Basic Leader Course is facilitated small group instructions using the Army Learning Model (ALM).  This approach creates an atmosphere where students can exchange ideas on any subject and use collective reasoning to solve problems. The small group process fosters team building and provides training reinforcement based on a wide range of backgrounds and professional experience.  Current subjects fall under Leadership, Training, and War Fighter.

Course graduates leave equipped with standards-based, performance-oriented, battle-focused training that supports squad level operations. It provides the Army with a leader who can visualize, describe, and execute squad level operations in varied operational environments. It is a leader course that produces a predictive, adaptive, and innovative combat leader capable of leading Soldiers in any situation. 

The instructional design and methods of delivery consists of face-to-face instruction, learner-centered outcomes based on today's contemporary operational environment.  These methods are used to reinforce small unit tactics, techniques, and procedures. The course incorporates recent lessons learned, Battle Drills, Warrior Tasks, Evaluated Land Navigation Course, and a Situational Training Exercise (STX).