Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program (YRRP)

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The Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program (YRRP) is here to provide informational events and activities for both the Colorado Army and Air National Guard team and their Families that have deployed 90 cumulative days in a fiscal year.

Air Yellow Ribbon contact: Kimberly Presby, 720-847-9184

Army Yellow Ribbon contact: Alannah Rice, 720-250-1185


During the pre-deployment process, the Service Member and their Family will receive information on the planned pre-deployment and post-deployment events which are designed to help support the Soldier and their Family through this trying time period. Please note that the information provided below is what occurs for most Units who are deploying, however, there may be program alterations based upon the deployment time frame and identified Unit and Family needs.


Are you ready for the upcoming deployment? Check out the slide deck from the Jan 2020 YRRP event. 


Contact information for Yellow Ribbon Coordinators and Staff. 


Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program Coordinator

Mrs. Alannah Rice
Centennial, CO

Office: 720-250-1185



Air Yellow Ribbon Contact

Ms. Kimberly Presby
Buckley Air Force Base
Office: 720-847-9184
Cell: 303-656-7325


Pre-Deployment Events

The pre-deployment event is a one-day, off-site event for the Service Member and their Family. This event focuses on getting the Service Members and their Families emotionally and physically prepared for the deployment. Family members are introduced to their Family Assistance Specialist (FAS) and are then introduced to the resources they have available to them while their Service Member is deployed.


During-Deployment Events

Events held during-deployment are generally all day events to which the Family Members of the deployed Service Member are invited. They are usually held at two times, at 30 days after the Service Member has departed and 30 days before the Service.


Post-Deployment Events

Once the Service Member returns home, there are two events offered to assist the Service Member and his/her Family during the readjustment to the updated lifestyle, the 30-day event and the 60-day event.