89th Troop Command (MACOM)

Image of 89th Troop Command (MACOM) logoThe 89th Troop Command is a brigade-level Major Command (MACOM) element of over 1,800 Citizen-Soldiers filling the ranks of very diverse and specialized units in the Colorado Army National Guard.  The 89th has everything from Special Forces to Space Support; Aviation to Infantry. The 89th trains and readies forces and develops leaders. On order, it mobilizes to support the National Military Strategy and, at the call of the Governor, protects and supports Colorado citizens and property.

Unit Mission Statement: On order, 89th TC provides Command & Control and supervises COARNG units assigned to them in order to provide trained and equipped units capable to deploy and conduct operations in support of war or for service in time of national emergency or when directed to perform domestic operations by the Governor. 89th Troop Command is based out of the Denver Armory, just north of downtown Denver. To contact this unit, call 720-250-2715.

Image of 89th Troop Command (MACOM) soldier

The following battalions and companies fall under 89th Troop Command: 

5th Bn., 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne)- Watkins
 - HHC
 - BSC 
 - FSC 
 - B Co. (Fort Carson)
 - C Co. 
 - SWTD 

193rd Military Police Bn. (I/R) - Denver
  - HHC 193rd Military Police
  - 220th Military Police Co.
  - 947th Engineer Co. (Colo Springs)

2-135th General Support Aviation Bn. (GSAB) - Buckley AFB, Aurora
  - HHC 2-135th GSAB
  - A Co., 2-135th GSAB
  - D Co., 2-135th GSAB
  - E Co., 2-135th GSAB
  - Det 1, B Co. 2-135th GSAB
  - Det 1, G Co. 2-135th GSAB
  - A Co., 2-238th AVN
  - Det 1, D Co., 2-238th AVN
  - Det 1, E Co., 2-238th AVN
  - Det 3, HHC, 1-168th AVN
  - Det 3, C Co., 1-168th AVN
  - Det 3, D Co., 1-168th AVN
  - Det 3, E Co., 1-168th AVN
  - 131 AVIM (Maintenance) Co.
  - D Co., 3/140th MEDEVAC Co.

117th Space Support Bn. - Colo Springs
  - HHC 117th Space Bn.
  - 217th Space Support Co.
  - 1158th Space Support Co.

1-157th Infantry Bn. - Colo Springs
  - HHC 1-157th INF
  - A Co., 1-157th INF
  - B Co., 1-157th INF (Fort Lupton)
  - C Co., 1-157th INF (Grand Junction)
  - D Co., 1-157th INF, Weapons Co. (Alamosa)
  - 1157th Forward Support Co. (Windsor)


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