540th Network Support Co

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The mission of the 540th Network Support Company (NSC) is to integrate tactical, strategic, and sustainment communications into a seamless global information network that supports knowledge dominance for the 169th Field Artillery Brigade on the battlefield.

 They provide installation, operation, and maintenance of voice and data communication networks using the Joint Network Node (JNN), Command Post Node (CPN), and tactical radios. Soldiers of the 540th NSC employ single and multi-channel satellite, high capacity line of site, switching and routing, messaging, video-teleconferencing, tactical radios and other related systems to meet mission requirements.

 The 540th NSC provides the communication path that enables mission command and improves situational awareness for commanders at brigade or higher so they can focus joint combat power in current operations while simultaneously preparing for future operations. The unit has the tools and expertise to respond to the commanders needs in order to integrate feeds from unmanned aerial vehicles, signals gathering equipment, and human intelligence collectors.

This unit is located at the Aurora Armory. They can be reached at 720-250-2500.


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