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“Regulation and guidance for the FRG mission: DA Pamphlet 608-47, AR 608-1 Army Community Service, AR 600-20 Army Command Policy, CNGBI and CNGBM 1800.02, National Guard Family Program.” 

Essential Services

  • Assists with the execution of the Family Readiness Standard Operating Procedure for all levels of Command
  • Provides orientation, ongoing training, hands-on assistance, and information to subordinate Unit Commanders and Family Readiness Groups on all aspects of Family Readiness, well-being, and deployment cycle support
  • Tracks and maintains Family Readiness records and reporting requirements for all levels of Command - Serves as the liaison between the Brigade, Battalion, and Company Commanders, State Family Program Office, Family Assistance Specialist (FAS), and Volunteers
  • Provides regulatory guidance regarding Family Readiness
  • Serves as the Subject Matter Expert on Family Readiness while facilitating resources

    If you are interested in volunteering for a FRG Lead or Treasurer position, please see your unit's respective FRSA.