Family Readiness Support

The mission of the Family Readiness Support Assistant (FRSA) is to maintain the continuity and stability of Family Readiness Groups (FRGs) as units undergo changes in volunteers and leadership. Operationally, the FRSA provides administrative and logistical support to Commanders, Rear Detachment Commanders, and FRG Leaders. Taking the administrative burden off the volunteers allows FRG Leaders to concentrate on communicating with Soldiers and their Families, thus preserving stability on the home front, especially during periods of deployment.

Essential Services

  • Assists with the execution of the Family Readiness Standard Operating Procedure for all levels of Command
  • Provides orientation, ongoing training, hands-on assistance, and information to subordinate Unit Commanders and Family Readiness Groups on all aspects of Family Readiness, well-being, and deployment cycle support
  • Tracks and maintains Family Readiness records and reporting requirements for all levels of Command - Serves as the liaison between the Brigade, Battalion, and Company Commanders, State Family Program Office, Family Assistance Specialist (FAS), and Volunteers
  • Provides regulatory guidance regarding Family Readiness
  • Serves as the Subject Matter Expert on Family Readiness while facilitating resources



If you are interested in volunteering for a FRG Lead or Treasurer position, please see your FRSA. 

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“Regulation and guidance for the FRG mission: DA Pamphlet 608-47, AR 608-1 Army Community Service, AR 600-20 Army Command Policy, CNGBI and CNGBM 1800.02, National Guard Family Program.”