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Mission of the Colorado National Guard Human Resources Office

A professional team of HR experts who provide essential services and support to the joint leaders and service members of the Colorado National Guard in order to enhance our ability to recruit quality employees, provide a trained and ready full time force with the purpose of defending freedom & protecting Colorado communities. Be sure to download the HRO Application Checklist.

Colorado National Guard Full-Time Jobs
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There are two kinds of full-time employment with the Colorado National Guard: Active Guard and Reserve (AGR) and Technician jobs. 
  Army AGR                  720-250-1182            Click here for Army AGR jobs.
  Army Technician         720-250-1163            Click here for Army Technician jobs.
  Army Traditional         720-250-1331            Click here for Army Traditional Jobs
  Air Force AGR             720-250-1207            Click here for Air Force AGR jobs.
  Air Force Technician    720-250-1163            Click here for Air Force Technician jobs.
  Air Force Traditional    720-847-9424            Click here for Air Force Traditional jobs.    
  Title 5 Technician        720-250-1163            Click here for Title 5 Technician jobs.  

DOD regulations prohibit the publication of personally identifiable information in this forum, therefore the point of contact list does not include email addresses or employee names.  Phone numbers and areas of expertise are provided to assist you in contacting the correct member of the HRO team.


HRO Point of Contact List Job Announcement Resources

Our current MPP with information regarding filling Technician vacancies for both Air Force and Army positions can be found ​here.

If you are requesting a Permanent or Indefinite fill, please complete an SF 52, completing Part D for the announcement, and submit to the Classification section in HRO.

If you are requesting a Temp fill, please complete a SF-52 along with your intended employee's updated resume, and submit to HRO to be qualified.

For staffing or resume questions please contact the Staffing Section: or

For submissions of SF 52s or for review of number please contact the Classification Section: or

"The objective of the Army National Guard AGR Program is to provide highly qualified officers, warrant officers, and enlisted soldiers to meet the full-time support requirements for ARNGUS and USAR projects and programs." -AR 135-18, 1 Nov 04.

"The Air Force National Guard AGR Program consists of Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Full-Time Support (FTS) personnel who are responsible for assisting in the organization, administration, recruitment, instruction or training of ANG personnel and assigned primarily against mobility positions." -ANGI 36-101, 3 Jun 10.

To apply for an AGR position, you must fill out an NGB Form 34-1 Application for Active Guard/Reserve (AGR) Position (for Army AGR). Original signatures are required on NGB Form 34-1, so you must sign and mail the form into the Army AGR office.

Technicians are employed under the authority of Title 32 USC, § 709, which states, in part, that technicians are to be employed in "the administration and training of the National Guard," and "the maintenance and repair of supplies issued to the National Guard." Technicians must fill out an HRO Application Checklist and submit either a resume or an OF 612 Optional Application for Federal Employment.