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Rob Phillips: 9Teachers Who Care winner 
Story © 2010 KUSA-TV, used with permission 
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Mitchell Elementary music teacher Rob Phillips is March’s 9News 9Teachers Who Care winner. He has been teaching for 21 years and continues to go above and beyond the expectations of a typical school day at Mitchell Elementary School. He works with the Mustang Singers (the school’s choir) and dedicates his spring to rehearsing and performing the 6th grade musical, which has become a cornerstone event in Golden, Colo. 

The kids aren’t his only students. As a member of the Colorado Army National Guard, Chief Warrant Officer 3 Rob Phillips also commands the 101st Army Band. The band is made up of 51 Citizen-Soldiers from a variety of civilian career fields. Not only a commander, Phillips serves as a mentor of music to the junior enlisted Soldiers of the band and encourages the senior members of the unit to push themselves to be better musicians, said Staff Sgt. James Stewart, a saxophone player and full-time Soldier. 

“I really get more out of it than what I put in,” Phillips said. “When we go and do musical performances, one of the things that’s very traditional for us is to have a point in our program where we have veterans stand up during the playing of their service song. And I turn around, and as the conductor and commander, I have the opportunity to salute them as a way of acknowledging them and thanking them for their service.”

For the complete story and video on Phillips’ award from 9News, visit: http://www.9news.com/life/community/whocare/teachers/article.aspx?storyid=134274&catid=580.