168th Regional Training Institute (RTI)
The 168th RTI trains current and future leaders of the National Guard, Active Component and Reserve to the standards set forth by the United States Army Training and Doctrine Command, provide the resources and knowledge to train to standard, and lead effectively ensuring that every student is afforded the highest quality training possible.  It is a Regional Training Institute of Excellence (RTIoE) located on Fort Carson.

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For billeting, call 720-250-4309 or fill out the Request Billeting PDF

HAATS Schoolhouse

HAATS is located in the small mountain town of Gypsum (near Vail), Colo., on Eagle County Airport. The ARNG schoolhouse offers a unique training methodology based on aircraft power that is designed to dramatically increase individual and crew situational awareness. Known as Power Management, the training process requires power accountability of the pilots in all flight regimes.

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For billeting, call 720-250-5400