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 SFC Mary Thompson

 12200 E Briarwood Ave, 
 Suite 160
 Centennial, CO 80112

 O: 720-250-1185

 C: 303-681-6747

 Yellow Ribbon
 Support Staff:

  • SPC Michael Kazlaskia


     The purpose of the Yellow Ribbon program is to provide informational events and activities for members of the Colorado National Guard, their families and community members.  The Yellow Ribbon team facilitates access to the numerous services supporting the health and well being of our service members and community throughout all phases of deployment. 


     During the pre-deployment phase, emphasis is placed on the readiness and education of service members and their families along with preparing the community. 


     During the deployment phase, the YRRP holds sustainment and pre-return/reunion events or activities that provide information, resources and services specifically to families and/or employers of deployed/mobilized service members and focus on family challenges and stressors associated with deployment or mobilization.     


     The post deployment phase focuses on the reintegration process, education benefits, continued health care options, job search opportunities, post combat support and reconnecting with family members. 


     Activities will ensure service members and their families understand the benefits and resources available to them throughout the entire deployment cycle.

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  JSS - Joint Service Support
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Photo library of Colorado's Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program

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