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Youth Programs Mission Statement

To provide a supportive environment for children and youth through activities and events specifically designed to encourage personal growth, strength of character and moral development in peacetime and through the cycles of deployment.


  • Establish an emotionally and physically safe zone for children and youth, to learn, grow, and explore.
  • Provide a series of activities that promote friendship, encourage peer support, and develop leadership and resiliency skills that assist youth in dealing with the stress of deployment and change.
  • Offer opportunities for youth to socialize with other National Guard youth who inherently understand the National Guard lifestyle.

Contact: Alice Nofziger - Office: 720-250-1193; Cell: 303-524-5614
or Laurie Burke
 State Youth Coordinator (Contractor), Office: 720-250-1412

Counseling Services available:

Contact: Jim Green, Child and Youth Military Family Life Consultant
Office: (720) 250-1198; Cell (303) 709-6823 or email

Colorado National Guard (Army and Air) Youth Advisory Council:

Purpose: The Colorado National Guard (CONG) Youth Advisory Council consists of 12 members ages 13-18 who represent the voices of youth whose parents serve in the Colorado National Guard. The Youth Advisory Council’s role is to assist the State Youth Coordinator (SYC) in determining the interests and needs of Colorado National Guard youth by providing input for youth events and activities while having the opportunity to strengthen their leadership skills and provide service to others.

Mission: The mission of the Colorado National Guard Youth Advisory Council is to motivate and inspire the children and youth of the Colorado National Guard in an open and supportive environment that encourages personal growth and responsibility while building self esteem and strength of character. View our charter!

Organization: The Youth Advisory Council will be comprised of 12 members of equal status. The council is a non-governing board and will conduct business by discussion and consensus. The 12 positions will consist of:

  • One Air National Guard Adult Representative (volunteer position)
  • One Army National Guard Adult Representative (volunteer position)
  • One State Youth Coordinator (not counted as one of the 12)
  • Five Air Guard Youth Representatives
  • Five Army Guard Youth Representatives


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