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Embracing and reassuring Survivors that they are continually linked to the Army family
through a unified support program that enables them to remain an important part
of the Army for as long as they desire.

 Colorado Survivor Outreach Services












Contact:  Amy Pike

Address:  12200 E. Briarwood Ave. Ste 160
              Centennial, CO 80112

Office: (720) 250-1564 / Cell: (720) 988-0614

Email:  amy.b.pike.ctr@mail.mil


Western Slope Contact:  Maegan Sakievich

Address:  2820 Riverside Pkwy.
              Grand Junction, CO 81501

Office: (720) 250-5572 / Cell: (970) 424-3018

Email:  maegan.sakievich@us.army.mil


Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult times anyone can experience. Survivor Outreach Services (SOS) connects you with people and resources who can help you find strength and move forward.

Many times after you have lost loved ones, there are many unresolved issues or questions that may surface months or years after the loss.  We understand that new issues and questions may arise long after the Casualty Assistance Officer (CAO) has concluded his or her services.

SOS demonstrates the army’s commitment to Families of the Fallen.  The mission of SOS is to provide enhanced services to these Families.  SOS is a holistic and multi-agency approach to delivering services to Survivors in their local communities.  The SOS program identifies the needs of those touched by the loss of a loved one. 

Mission Statement

The SOS program demonstrates the Army’s commitment to Families of the Fallen, utilizing a holistic and multi-agency approach to delivering services and support for as long as the Family desires. 

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Services and Support

  • Provide expertise on State and Federal survivor benefits
  • Work closely with the Casualty Assistance Officer to provide guidance and assistance to the family in regards to benefits, entitlements and local resources
  • Arrange for estate and financial advice when requested
  • Educate the military command, community social services and support agencies of the needs of our military survivors
  • Form networks and support groups so survivors will have peer support readily available
  • Connect survivors with appropriate mental health support/counseling as requested
  • Supply survivors with resource referrals for:
    • Peer Support
    • Bereavement counseling
    • Emergency financial services
    • Military legal assistance
    • Tricare
    • Educational benefits
    • Obtaining reports
    • Benefits Assistance (DIC, SS, DG, SBP, SGLI, FSGLI)

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