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Dual-Status Commander returns to State status: Mission results in a safer State and Nation 
Joint Task Force-Centennial Public Affairs Office 
Col. Peter Byrne, dual-status commander 
(Stock photo)
Thursday, July 6, 2012 

Air National Guard Capt. Darin Overstreet

CENTENNIAL, Colo. (7/6/12) The Dual-Status Commander position will disengage for Joint Task Force Centennial as of midnight today.

Joint Task Force Centennial transitioned to the leadership of a Dual-Status Commander June 27, in order to provide a unity of command for both National Guard and Active Duty forces responding to Colorado wildfires. 

As the civilian leadership, supporting the Waldo Canyon Fire, transitions from a Level-1 incident management team to a Level-3 and stabilizes the response efforts with civilian agencies, the need to maintain a Dual-Status Commander comes to an end. 

“This was the first time a Dual-Status Commander has been established for a wildfire incident,” said Col. Peter Byrne, the Dual-Status Commander of Joint Task Force Centennial. “I am honored to have been of service to both my state and nation, and to have been able to command such professional and skilled service members. This was a great honor and privilege.” 

“The civilian incident management team and the varied agencies I was able to coordinate with were all top-notch. They made my job easy,” said Byrne. “There were a lot of lessons learned, at every level, during the use of this Dual-Status Commander position. This experience will only enhance the ability to employ a full spectrum of military forces for future disaster recovery efforts. This mission has made Colorado and our nation stronger and better able to protect and safeguard our citizens.” 

When the Dual-Status Commander orders conclude at midnight, Col. Byrne will maintain command of Joint Task Force Centennial, as a Colorado National Guard member, and will continue to execute the requests of the Governor and the incident commander. The only difference is that he will no longer command Active Duty forces, who have all redeployed to their respective installations. 

This change does not affect the missions that are currently being performed by National Guard members. Any existing missions will continue under the Governor’s executive order, as long as civilian authorities deem necessary. 

Should future disaster recovery effort require the implementation of a Dual-Status Commander, the process will be reengaged in order to provide a unity of command which fosters a unity of effort.

The Colorado Joint Operations Center continues to monitor the fire situation around Colorado and neighboring states and supporting the operational maneuvers, administration and logistics of the overall military support to the incident commander. 


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