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Local area bases contribute to fight against Black Forest Fire 
By Joint Task Force Centennial Public Affairs 
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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Incident Command Team
Public Information Officer
David Eaker

Colorado National Guard
Public Affairs
Capt. Darin Overstreet

CENTENNIAL, Colo. (6/15/13) – Local military bases in the Colorado Springs area and nearby continue to provide personnel, equipment and shelter support to local, state and federal authorities and those affected by the Black Forest Fire.

The support is provided through several authorities including mission assignments, immediate response authority and mutual aid agreements. Photos and video of local military support can be found here http://www.dvidshub.net/ by clicking the link for Colorado Wildfire 2013, and specific details about local military support can be found below.

U.S. Air Force Academy:
- Support to the incident management team
- Emergency Family Assistance Control Center for DoD personnel

Peterson Air Force Base & Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station:
- Two – Type 1 (structure) pumpers
- Two support trucks
- 13 firefighters
- Shelter for Department of Defense personnel on Peterson AFB
- A resource fair will be established post-fire for those DoD personnel affected

Buckley Air Force Base:
- 5,000 gallon water tender + two person crew

Fort Carson:
- Two Type 6 (brush truck) and three water tenders with 9 personnel
- Shelter for Department of Defense personnel on Fort Carson
- Tactical Command Post at the Incident Command
- Forward Air Traffic Controllers
- Command and Control aircraft for the Incident Commander

302nd Airlift Wing:
- Two C-130 aircraft equipped with Modular Airborne Firefighting System (MAFFS)
- These two aircraft and their crew have flown a combined 12.1 hours, conducted 14 air drops and released more than 37,500 gallons of retardant to date.
- Aircraft operating as the 731st Expeditionary Airlift Squadron 

Colorado National Guard:
- 122 personnel at up to 20 security checkpoints in Black Forest area
- 20 personnel providing various types of assistance at the incident
- Four personnel from the National Guard Communications Element
- High-clearance pumper trucks and water tenders (5 vehicles; 14 firefighters)
- Three UH-60s with Bambi Buckets have dropped over 176,180 gallons as of June 14
- One LUH-72 Lakota helicopter equipped for aerial firefighting coordination

Wyoming National Guard:
- One UH-60 from the Wyoming National Guard is providing fire suppression support through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (4 crew members)

Nebraska National Guard:
- One UH-60 from the Nebraska National Guard is scheduled to arrive today to begin fire suppression support tomorrow through the Emergency Management Assistance Compact (5 crew members)

Additional Information:

Of the five available National Guard UH-60s, three will be flying at any given time in order to allow for crew rest and maintenance.

Air National Guard Brig. Gen. Peter J. Byrne has been appointed Dual-Status Commander and will work with fire incident commanders. This arrangement allows a single military Joint Task Force to provide command and control for all military forces (Active, Reserve & Guard) supporting the fire.

US military installations are providing residential firefighting engines and crews to allow additional local personnel to respond to the fire.  That support includes:
  *   An engine and crew from Ft Carson to Colorado Springs Fire Department
  *   An engine and crew from Schriever AFB to Ellicott Fire Department
  *   An engine and crew from F.E. Warren AFB to Peterson AFB 


For more information on the fire call 719-444-8300. Public information is also available at http://www.elpasoco.com/pages/default.aspx or on Twitter, @EPCSheriff, @epcpio #BlackForestFire.

For more information about the fire operations, contact Incident Command Team Public Information Officer
David Eaker,
david_eaker@nps.gov, 435-619-1651. For information about the Colorado National Guard, contact Capt. Darin Overstreet, 720-250-1053.

File photos:

Black Forest firefighting: http://bit.ly/11BDdZM
Colorado National Guard firefighting: http://bit.ly/1bvVyfb
Search and rescue:
High-altitude Army National Guard Aviation Training Site:

File video:

National Guard firefighting: http://bit.ly/KZQeZI


Bambi-Bucket® drops, Black Forest fire: http://bit.ly/11N6Fiq
Bambi-Bucket® drops, High Park fire:

Fact sheets:

Dual-status commander: http://bit.ly/12ua8Eu
Joint Task Force-Centennial:
UH-60 Black Hawk: http://1.usa.gov/6kraJa
LUH-72 Lakota: http://1.usa.gov/13XDU1u
National Guard Reaction Force: http://bit.ly/1bvVo7H
Civil Support Team: http://bit.ly/17H5cP7
National Guard Communications Element, who operate the Joint Continental United States Communications Support Environment:
Emergency Management Assistance Compact: http://bit.ly/19qiSyz
High-altitude Army National Guard Aviation Training Site: http://bit.ly/mY1OPl


Brig. Gen. Peter J. Byrne: http://bit.ly/19zYU4e


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