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117th Space Support Battalion

Space PennantThe 117th Space Battalion is a small, highly specialized and technically adept unit.  It is one of two space battalions in the Army. Soldiers in the 117th Space Battalion enable operations by maximizing military utilization of space-based assets to include satellite imagery, missile warning systems, satellite communications, space-based weather and global positioning system capabilities.

The subordinate companies that fall under the battalion are the 217th Space Company and the 1158th Space Company; both located near Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs.Space Crest

The 117th Space Battalion deploys as small highly trained teams which include the following positions:

Team Leader, Branch Immaterial (Major)- Space Operations Officer (Functional Area 40).  This is a career field any officer can enter, typically as a mid to senior grade captian with operational experience. 

Operations Officer, Branch immaterial (Captian)- Assists the team leader with operational duties and quality management of the team.  Operational experience preffered. 

Intelligence Analyst, 35F (SSG)- Team NCOIC.  Enhances the supported unit's understanding of space-based threats to operations.

Geospatial Sergeant, 21Y (SGT)- Provides subject matter expertise of space-based imagery and related capabilities.

Satellite Communications Sergeant, 25S (SGT)- Operates the three team satellite communications systems and provides satellite communications troubleshooting expertise to supported units.

Information Systems Specialist, 25B (SPC)- Sets up and maintains the team's stand alone network and assists supported unit's with certain communications-related expertise.

All Soldiers interested in joining the 117th Space Battalion must be ready to deploy and must be capable of obtaining a Top Secret (SSBI) clearance.

OFFICERS interested in joining the 117th Space Battalion should contact the unit S1 for a command interview.  Applicants should provide copies of their last 3 OERs and a brief military biography including assignments, military education and civilian education.  

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