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5/19th Special Forces Battalion

Green beret

What does it take to become a Green Beret? Reach for it if you dare!

Unit and individual Special Forces actions have contributed many courageous and daring exploits in the pages of American history.  The story is a recurring one; outstanding leadership coupled with the highest application of skills used in the art of combat.

SF crest and patchToday's U.S. Army Special Forces ("Quiet Professionals") are official descendants of WWII's 1st Canadian-American unit originally trained for sabotage missions in Nazi-occupied Norway. With the invasion of Grenada, Special Forces have again served with distinction performing special operation missions in Panama, Desert Storm, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, Afghanistan and Iraq; demonstrating time and again the Special Forces Motto: "Anything, Anytime, Anyplace."  

Colorado's 5/19th SF has deployed hundreds of times overseas on training missions and were also activated for federal missions to Haiti, Afghanistan and Iraq since they formed - serving with distinction in every theatre as well as missions stateside such as the Cortez Manhunt and Hurricane Katrina.

You can reach  Colorado's 5/19th SF Group (Airborne), located just northeast of Denver in Watkins, by calling 720-250-2900.

 WW2 Airborne poster

For more information about this unit, or others in the Colorado Army National Guard, click on the Prior/Non-Prior Form button below and fill out the short questionnaire. Your name, email and zip code is all that is required to provide you faster and more accurate service.


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