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220th Military Police Company

Military Police PennantThe 220th Military Police Company has a wartime mission of providing MP combat support to an assigned area of operations. This includes enemy prisoner of war escort, civil disturbance support, battlefield circulation control, area security, law enforcement operations, and convoy escort.

Within the ranks of the 220th you will find soldiers from all walks of life, including many local law enforcement officers. They have performed missions in many different countries including Panama, Japan, Hungary, Saudi Arabia, and most recently, in Iraq. They also support local authorities throughout the state during Military Police Crestemergencies.The company headquarters is located at the Denver/Globeville armory just north of downtown Denver. Their MP Humvees fill the armory's motorpool and are always at the ready to take their load of soldiers and equipment on whatever mission may arise.

The 220th is a well honored unit with a long and proud history. They are home to nearly 200 of the Colorado Army National Guard's best men and women.

To contact the 220th MP Co., call 720-250-2622. 

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