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199th, 200th, and 1157th Firefights

Engineers PennantThe 1157th Engineer Firefighter Company, located at Fort Carson, Colorado, is a unit assigned with executing a full spectrum of combat firefighting missions.Joint Forces Headquarters Crest

The 1157th is the headquarters section responsible for command, control, and coordination of Engineer Firefighting Teams. The 1157th is made up of a Fire Marshall, Fire Chief, Fire Inspector and Mechanic. The two subordinate Truck Teams are the 199th and 200th Engineer Companies. Both teams are responsible for firefighting service to a theater of operations including fire protection of aviation and major facilities. Each Truck Team consists of seven Soldiers including a Station Chief, Team Chief, two Pumper-Operators and three basic firefighters.

With the crucial task of growing and retaining the perishable skills involved with firefighting, most weekend training assemblies involve firefighting instruction. Every year consists of an annual training event that evaluates unit readiness in firefighting missions.

Certifications in airfield crash rescue and apparaus pumping-operting are significant requirements of the 1157th. After joining the 1157th, Soldiers will attend schools to receive these federally-accreditied certifications.

The unit primarily consists of individuals who are professional civilian firefighters, paramedics, or volunteer firefighters. Such levels of experience offer a great wealth of knowledge for the unit. If you are interested in becoming an Army Firefighter (MOS 12M), please feel free to contact the 1157th Engineer Company (Firefighters), by calling 719-526-2921.


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