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147th Brigade Support Battalion

Field Artilary PennantBrigade Support Battalion-HQ/HHC
Fort Collins Readiness Center

The brigade support battalion (BSB) is organized to provide sustainment support (supply, maintenance, field services and transportation) to the organic units of the Fires Brigade (FiB). The BSB is a multifunctional unit composed of subordinate units that provide supplies, maintenance and repair to the units assigned and attached to the FiB during all phases of operations. The BSB’s subordinate units include a headquarters and headquarters company, distribution and field maintenance companies and one forward support company for each fires battalion.

BSB Distribution Company 147th Brigade Support Battlion Crest
Location: Boulder, Det 1 in Sterling

The distribution company provides all classes of supply (excluding medical) for units assigned or attached to the FiB (and to other units on an area basis that do not have such support). It has three functional platoons—Transportation platoon, Fuel and water support platoon and the Supply support platoon (includes Class V and Class IX).

BSB Field Maintenance Company
Location: Firestone/Longmont
The field maintenance company provides common maintenance support excluding medical and Automation support for the FiB and its assigned, and attached units—and on an area basis to other units thatdo not have common maintenance support. The BSB field maintenance company also backs up the forward support companies supporting the brigade’s fires battalions. The field maintenance company has a recovery section, and the capability to repair the following types of equipment—Automotive, Armament, Communications and Power generation.

To contact the 147th BSB, dial 720-250-5202.

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