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169th Fires Brigade

Field Artilary PennantThe Field Artillery units in the state of Colorado are the largest and the oldest of the Colorado Army National Guard. These units, known as the "King of Battle", bring a lethal arsenal to the battlefield.

Currently, their main weapon is the MLRS (Multiple Launch Rocket System), but soon the Brigade will be fielding the HIMARS system for increased mobility and even better accuracy. These fast moving missile launching platforms fire a fast and deadly arsenal at the enemy, destroying entire gridzones on a map with extremely precise targeting capabilities.

169th Fires Brigade patch and crestThe mission of the 169th Fires Brigade is to command and control one to five General Support or General Support Reinforcing Field Artillery Battalions and/or a Target Acquisition Battery.

The unit is headquartered at Buckley Air Force Base in Aurora, CO. To contact the unit, dial 720-847-8404.



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