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Enhance your military career, while enriching your community. Direct commission is an excellent stepping stone to a better future. You'll acquire skills that make you a leader in your field and gain valuable leadership experience sought after by civilian employers.

The Colorado Army National Guard is looking for qualified enlisted Guard members that possess the following qualities for a direct appointment into a basic branch:

  • Possess the minimum grade of E-5; E-4 if a graduate of Warrior Leadership Course (WLC) or Primary Leadership Development Course (PLDC)
  • Bachelor degree.
  • Have served a minimum of 24 months active status in any federally recognized unit and be a current member of the ARNG for a minimum of 12 months. 24 months active status is waiverable for prior deployed Guard members on a case by case basis.
  • Current company and battalion commanders must provide letters recommending the individual for a direct appointment.
  • Have a minimum aptitude (GT) score of 110 or higher on the ASVAB (Re-testing is available).
  • Minimum age is 22 years. Maximum age for appointment is 41 years 364 days. Must be commission before 42nd birthday (This is Non waiverable).
  • Pass Army body height/weight & AFPT. Minimum of 70 points in each AFPT event.
  • US Citizen and be able to obtain a secret clearance.
  • NCOERs or Academic Evaluation Reports that address above average leadership skills, or provide written comments indicating above average accomplishments.

Soldiers meeting any one or more of the following conditions are not authorized direct appointment:

  1. Soldiers currently enrolled in OCS.
  2. Soldiers who were disenrolled, dropped, or resigned from OCS.
  3. Soldiers who drop from OCS with the intention of applying for a direct appointment.

The following guidance and regulation address Direct Commissions:

Details on Direct Commission for JAG, Chaplain, Medical, Dental...

JAG crestJAG (Judge Adjutant General) -

  • JOIN THE NATION'S OLDEST LAW FIRM. You'll cover a wide-range of practices that ranges from military justice to international law - both in the U.S. and abroad. And you won't be clerking for years before you step into court; expect to be first seat at hearings within weeks after being commissioned.
    • Support Soldiers and their families by preparing wills and other estate documents.
    • Represent the Army or defend Soldiers in disciplinary hearings.
    • Advise commanders and law enforcement agents on criminal matters.
    • Obtain free continuing legal education credits by attending classes at The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School in Charlottesville, Virginia.
    • Meet and work with lawyers and judges from all over the state and country.
    • Learn international and operational law as we help developing nations.
  • DIRECT COMMISSIONING AS A FIRST LIEUTENANT. You are eligible to become an officer in the Army National Guard and can become a captain within months after completing your officer basic course.
  • EARN EXCELLENT PAY FOR PART-TIME WORK. This includes pay for attending one weekend of training per month and two weeks of annual training - a total of 39 days per year - plus, Judge Advocate Officers are eligible for a $10K bonus (If applicable) upon appointment.
  • RETIREMENT. You will be enrolled in a retirement plan that, providing you serve 20 years, will give you a pension beginning at age 60.
  • SERVICE. Most importantly, you can take pride in the fact that you are serving your country and community by providing legal services and counsel to those who defend our nation.

Read about what to expect as a JAG...

Chaplain Corps insignia




As a Chaplain you’ll...

  • Serve God and Country
  • Be moral advisor to Command Staff
  • Reach a large and diverse audience
  • Serve those who need you the most
  • Support Soldiers who may be in harms way, and their families

When you become a Chaplain with the Colorado Army National Guard, you’ll be bringing God closer to Soldiers - and Soldiers closer to God!

Chaplain Requirements

  • Possess a BA of not less than 120 semester hours
  • Possess or working towards a Master’s level degree with 72+ credit hours
  • Obtain ecclesiastical endorsement from your faith group
  • Be a US citizen
  • Be physically fit and pass a Comprehensive physical exam
  • Be between 21 and 47 years of age - prior service may be granted a waiver up to 50

Chaplain Benefits

  1. Tuition assistance for candidates and $10K bonus for Chaplains (If applicable)
  2. Officer’s Pay and Allowances
  3. Medical/Dental care - Full medical coverage for $81/mo self or $253/mo per family
  4. Retirement Plan
  5. $400,000 low rate life insurance
  6. Educational Programs, paid travel to conferences and retreats
  7. Variety of Ministry Opportunities

Chaplain and Chaplain Candidates
Chaplain Officer Basic Leadership Course (CH-BOLC)

When you join the Army National Guard as a Chaplain, you will be a commissioned officer. If you join prior to ordainment, you will enter as a Chaplain Candidate. In either case, your initial training will include CH-BOLC, where you'll learn fundamental military tasks and how to perform religious duties in a military environment.

Which religions are represented by chaplains in the National Guard?

All religions and belief systems are welcome in the Guard. To serve as a Guard chaplain, your faith group must have a federally recognized endorsing agency that can issue an ecclesiastical endorsement for you. Typically, you will work with Soldiers from your own faith.

What training will I need for chaplaincy in the National Guard?

Chaplains attend Chaplain Officer Basic Leadership Course, a three-month program at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. This course teaches you to apply your civilian chaplain skills to the Army environment, prepares you physically and mentally to be an officer in the Guard, and covers the complexities of the First Amendment, freedom of expression, counseling, mentoring and leadership. This course can be completed in one block or several phases over a 24-month period. Chaplain Candidates are not obligated to attend CHBOLC, but may opt to complete the first half of this training while attending seminary.

Can I join the Guard while I’m still in the seminary?

Yes. You don't have to wait till graduation to join the Army National Guard chaplaincy. Training to be a Chaplain in the Guard while simultaneously training for the civilian ministry lets you earn a substantial paycheck while greatly adding to your education and experience.

What are the commissioning prerequisites for chaplain candidacy?

You must be a U.S. citizen by birth or naturalized, pass a physical exam, and be between 21 and 43 years old. There are several educational requirements as well – be sure to look over the complete list of requirements for Army National Guard chaplain candidates.

What rank will I be?

This depends on your work experience and education level. Chaplains are officers in the Army National Guard and generally begin their career progression at the grade of 1LT (First Lieutenant). Advanced appointment as a CPT (Captain) may be possible under certain circumstances.

Will I carry a weapon?

No. Chaplains are non-combatant and therefore never carry weapons. The chaplain assistant provides security for the Unit Ministry Team.

What is the role of the chaplain in the Guard?

Chaplains are the spiritual leaders of the Army National Guard, providing emotional and religious support to Soldiers and their families. You'll perform religious ceremonies, offer guidance and help Soldiers adjust to their military lives and experiences.

For more information about the Chaplain Corps, click here.

Click here for the Chaplain Basic Officer Leadership Course (CHBOLC).

 Army Medical Department (AMEDD)

Protect Freedom at Home and abroad-Well Show You How. The National Guard has unique, duel mission - to serve Colorado communities and the nation. That means the mission that will be put before you will varied and demand you’re very best. Face the worst Mother Nature has to offer or help our forces to be ready to conduct operation to track down terrorists. These are your missions, should you choose to accept them. When you become a part of the Colorado Army National Guard. America counts on you. If you are looking for an exciting part-time career that’s different from your usual day to day, then the National Guard will be a great fit for you.

For more information about the AMEDD, click here.



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