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There are several options to consider when deciding on a future in the military as an officer; would you like to join the Warrant Officer Corps or the Officer Corps and from there more options are available to attain those ranks.

You may find that taking the OCS route is more in alignment with your lifestyle or perhaps ROTC. Or perhaps become an Officer in a specialized field such as Chaplain, Medical or JAG is best for you. Maybe joining the WOCS program is a better approach.

For details on all of these Commissioning Programs, click one of the links below….or contact the AMEDD/OCS Recruiter at 720-250-1064 or the Warrant Officer Recruiter at 720-250-1448.


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Click here to read a course overview of the OCS and WOCS program. The briefing will also provide the minimum entrance requirements and benefits of OCS and WOCS.the Commanders Briefing on Commissioning Programs in more detail.


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  Direct Commissions
  OCS (Officer Candidate School)
  ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps)
  WOC (Warrant Officer Candidate)


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