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HAATS New State-of-the-Art Facility Coming Soon!

The new HAATS facility will be designed for a total staff of 56 Guard / Reserve personnel plus two civilians. In addition to the student pilots, the future client base will include:

• Marines

• Air Force

• Other governmental agencies (e.g. the FBI, US Customs., US Border Patrol)

• Other countries including pilots from Middle Eastern nations

The new HAATS facility will include Billeting accommodations for 34 students, and approximately 2,700 net square feet of classroom / auditorium / distance-learning space that can be flexibly configured with a series of movable partitions. The new hangar is directly adjacent to unheated storage (“cold storage”) space, which is designed so it can be converted into conditioned hangar space at some time in the future.

Four CH-47 and two UH-60 aircraft can be stored in the combined hangar / cold storage building. The CH-47 bays can also accommodate smaller aircraft such as the UH-60, UH-1 Iroquois (Huey), and the AH-64A Apache. This flexible hangar configuration is desirable because the type and number of helicopters to be housed at the HAATS facility is not fixed or predictable, since student pilots sometimes fly their own aircraft.

In the future, CH-47 training programs will be a HAATS priority, followed by programs for the AH-64A and the UH-60. The proposed HAATS facility also includes space for Allied shops, ALSE, and Flight Operations


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