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The Centennial Training Center is the Colorado National Guard controlled portion of Fort Carson including the schoolhouse, offices, barracks and ranges.

EST - Engagement Skills Trainer

Indoor, multi-purpose, multi-lane, small arms, crew-served weapon simulator

       Initial and sustainment marksmanship training, static unit collective gunnery and tactical training, as well as “shoot/no shoot” decision training.

       Over 200 scenarios; customizable interface allows virtually unlimited numbers of scenarios

       Simulated weapons available: include M9 pistol, M4 / M16A2 rifle , M203 grenade launcher, M249 SAW, M240B machine gun,  M2, and MK-19 automatic  grenade launcher

9 Soldiers / 1 hour

HEAT - HMMWV Egress Assistance Trainer

Simulated rollover for up to a 5 PAX Gun Truck

·         Increases the situational awareness of vehicle rollover by permitting the instructor to observe driver performance and reaction to emergency conditions.

·         Reinforces the importance of seat positioning, wearing seatbelts, demonstrating the feeling of being disoriented and the actual effort required to execute rollover procedures.

·         The trainer allows individuals and crews to rehearse and physically execute the necessary steps required to survive a vehicle rollover

Familiarity Only:  16 soldiers / 4 hours

Quality Training, with Lessons Learned:  16 soldiers / 8 hours



VCOT – Virtual Convoy Operations Trainer

Observe, maneuver, and fire weapons through a full 360 degree circumference

       1 - HMMWV full-crew interactive skills trainer (FIST) – HMMWV vehicle appended with training equipment to provide high fidelity training for a HMMWV gunner and driver

       1 - Reconfigurable Wheeled Crew Station –positions for the HMMWV gunner, driver and commander

       3 - Multipurpose Tabletop Crew Stations –table top mounted equipment; positions for the gunner and driver for any of three simulated vehicles

Familiarity Only:  15 soldiers / 1.5 hours

Quality Training, with Lessons Learned:  15 soldiers / 4 hours





LCCATS – Laser Collective Combat Advanced Training System

Computer controlled portable E and F type targets with lifters that can be set at varying distances as targets for MILES and LMTS equipped weapons. When using LCCATS laser transmitters (Beamhit), blank ammunition or dry fire can be used. Common uses include target arrays for KD practice range qualification, room clearing, foot patrol and vehicle convoy ambush, etc.





IEDES - Improvised Explosive Device Effects Simulator 

6 - NPSSD’s are provided in each Non-pyro Kit

• Scalable device – Small thru large

• Uses compressed CO2, Talcum powder and Burst disks/Plastic cups

• Stackable for multiple shots prior to reload






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