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For more than 200 years, Army IGs have inspected, audited, investigated, trained, and performed those duties necessary to support the Army's mission. During that time, the purpose and organization of the Army IG system have changed considerably. The modern IG is an extension of the eyes, ears, voice, and conscience of the commander. The IG is a personal staff officer providing the commander a sounding board for sensitive issues. IGs are honest brokers and consummate fact finders. Their primary functions are training, inspecting, assisting, and investigating.

Colorado National Guard IGs operate within an environment consisting of the commander, the commander's soldiers and airmen, family members,  civilian employees, retirees, and other civilians needing assistance with a National Guard matter and the IG system. They must be sufficiently independent so that those requesting IG assistance will continue to do so, even when the complainant feels that the commander may be the problem. Therefore, IGs must maintain a clear distinction between being an extension of the commander and their sworn duty to serve as fair and impartial fact finders and problem solvers. Commanders must also understand this clear distinction for their IGs to be effective. Thank you for visiting our site.


Joint Force Headquarters-CO:
LTC David Kaley, State IG, 720-250-1033,

140th Wing, COANG:
Lt Col Carla Hunstad, Wing IG, 720-847-9053,


If after using your chain of command your issues have not been resolved, please read, complete, and sign the form. When completed, you may fax or scan and email the form to the IG office along with any supporting documentation (may include emails, orders, unit pay transmittals, etc. if applicable).  You can also use US Mail. Anonymous complaints are accepted and acted on where sufficient information is provided.

Please be specific as to what you want the IG to do for you when completing the DA Form 1559/AF IMT 102. Include what status you and/or the subject of your complaint were in for each incident/complaint (m-day, active duty for training (ADT), AGR, technician, etc.) As IGs are objective and impartial fact-finders, you can simplify completing your request by limiting the information you provide to only known facts (who, what, where, when, how (much/many).
Please ensure that you have used your complete chain of command to resolve your issue(s).  You should also include a list of people you have contacted in regards to your complaint and what you were told by each of those contacts.

Disclosure of your SSN and other personal information is voluntary; however, failure to provide complete information may hinder proper identification, accomplishment of the requested action(s), and a response to you.

All contact with an IG and/or member of Congress is a protected communication; complainant's cannot be reprised against for making a lawful protected communication under T10, USC Section 1034, Military Whistleblower Protection Act. Be honest, and don't provide misleading information. It is a violation of the UCMJ and CCMJ (Colorado Code of Military Justice) to knowingly and intentionally provide false statements and/or false written statements.

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