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101 Critical Days of Summer almost here 
Story by U.S. Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center  
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The clock is ticking and summer is almost here. The 101 Critical Days of Summer, Memorial Day through Labor Day safety campaign, is intended to remind us that we can't afford to lose focus on safety while either on- or off-duty. Family barbeques, swimming, fishing, softball, hiking, boating, waterskiing and camping are just some of the activities we like to engage in during the summer; but the prolonged hours of daylight encourage us to jam as many of our favorite pastimes into our days as possible – and more activities means more potential for accidents.

While we enjoy these lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, often we fail to recognize the risks associated with our favorite off-duty activities. Many of us tend to engage in risky activities that take us to the “edge” and what might begin as a day of fun in the sun may end up with a trip to the emergency room – or worse.

Composite Risk Management is one tool Guardsmen, civilians and their families can use to protect themselves both on- and off-duty. There is no better time than now for commanders and supervisors at all levels to stress the use of CRM to help protect our members. This can be accomplished by focusing their planning and by individuals maintaining awareness as they enjoy the summer.

Summertime should be spent having fun with friends and family, so let's do it safely.