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 Employment Information

Welcome to the Colorado National Guard full-time force. Here you will find various resources to help you begin your in-processing. This site provides essential information, forms, contacts and reference materials to help you start a great career.

Know Before You Start:

​As a newly appointed employee you are required to attend a one day New Employee Orientation (NEO) on the first day you report. There are several forms that you will need to complete before you arrive.

All technicians will need to bring with them any DD 214s / service academy transcripts that they would like to use for Service Computation Dates (this will affects how much leave you earn) and two forms of ID. The two forms must be an identity card (Driver's License/DoD CAC) AND an Employment Authorization card (SSN card/Birth Certificate). A current passport will count for both.

NEO is held the Tuesday after a new pay period in the Human Resource conference room unless told otherwise. Because of the amount of information needed to be covered we will start promptly at 0820.



 Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to attend NEO?
  -You must attend NEO to be fully in-processed. Applicants who fail to attend NEO will not be considered employees of the Colorado National Guard and will not receive benefit or pay until they are in-processed in HRO.

I don't have access to a printer, do I need to complete all these forms before NEO?
  -We ask all employees to complete their packets before they arrive. We will help as much as possible to accommodate where needed. However the longer we take during the NEO briefing the less time you have to get computer access and less time for us to submit your pay packets and return to your unit.

What do I need to bring to NEO?
  -You will need to bring all of the essential forms listed on this site as well as the pay packet for your branch. If you do not bring the pay packet you will need to bring a void check. To verify your eligibility for employment it is important to bring two forms of ID. These include a passport OR a driver's license/DOD CAC AND birth certificate/social security card. Failure to provide these documentations within 3 days could results in your termination.

When will I get paid?
  -If your pay packet was complete and correct and submitted in a timely manner, you should see your first LES within 3 weeks.

Can I bring snack and a drink?

  -Please do! This is the start of your new career and we want it to be a great experience for you. So please bring drinks and snacks if you want. However we recommend you leave the 7 course meal for later.

I've been through NEO recently, do I still need to come to the briefing?

  -Even if you were already a Temporary Technician or Prior Federal Service, if you've had at least a 1 day break you must re-inprocess. The reason for this is that the system automatically drops your information the day after your last day of employment. Therefore we must re-build you into the system.


 ​NEO Contact Information

Mrs. Elana Green 720-250-1174


Folder: Air Force Packet
Folder: Army Packet
Folder: Useful Technician Information
AGR_MILTECH Incentives Counseling.pdf
Form Completion.ppt
SF 2809 Employee Health Benefits Registration Form.pdf

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