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Common phone numbers

Main Phone Directory: 720-250-1000
Community Relations: 720-250-1058
Fulltime Jobs
Technician: 720-250-1166
AGR (Active Guard/Reserve): 720-250-1181
Employment Verification: 720-250-1166
Archives (prior to 2008): 720-250-1560
Archives (COANG): 800-525-0102 (ARPC)
Archives (COARNG): iPerms
Medical (COARNG): 720-250-1988
Medical (COANG): 720-847-6757
ID Cards (DEERS)
Buckley AFB (COANG): 720-847-9919
Denver: 720-250-1315
Grand Junction: 720-250-5583
Info / Weather updates: 720-250-1018
Inspector General (IG): 720-250-1033
Legal Office: 720-250-1032
Noise Complaint Line
Helicopter / Ground Vehicles: 720-250-1398
Airplanes: 720-847-6164
Legislative Liaison: 720-250-1511
Military Support Requests: 720-250-1058
State Chaplain: 720-250-1074
State Command Sgt. Major: 720-250-1027
State Command Chief Master Sgt.: 720-847-9162
TAG (The Adjutant General): 720-250-1500
Tuition Assistance: 720-250-1550

Mailing address, online forms and useful links

Joint Force Headquarters-Colorado, 6848 S. Revere Pkwy., Centennial, CO 80112

Thank you for your interest in the Colorado National Guard. Your inquiry is very important to us. To help us better serve you, please select from the options below. Please allow three business days for an online response to ensure your question is fielded appropriately.


Noise complaint about our Army or Air Guard equipment?

Call 720-250-1398 or the Buckley AFB hotline at 1-800-582-8507 or 720-847-6164 and follow the recorded instructions!​


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